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Why do I love dining out?

Happy New Year guys! It’s been two weeks since the Yuletide Season has passed by. Where did you spend your Noche Buena and Media Noche dinners, as well as Christmas and New Year meals?

My family and I would often eat at various restaurants for several reasons: victory lunches/dinners, birthdays, Christmas, NAME IT! But sometimes, we eat out, just because. Wala lang. There were a lot of times that we tried to do a particular dish from a certain restaurant in our home kitchen. Most of the time, that dish would turn out successfully delicious.

Why do I love dining out?

 Restaurants teach me how to make such dishes. There were a lot of times wherein I scrutinize each dish in terms of the ingredients used, as well as how it was prepared. Was it fried? Baked? Grilled? Did the kitchen personnel use herbs? Specialty cheeses? Truffle oil? Olive oil?

It makes me want to visit a certain place soon. Japanese restaurants and even a Japanese convenience store chain have sprouted here in Metro Manila, left and right. There are times where I can tell whether a sushi is authentically prepared or not. However, I just end up getting confused, unless I get to go to Japan in the flesh. For the case of the Korean restaurants, it was a bit easier to compare authentic ones from non-authentic ones since most of them are operated by Korean expats, just like how the Filipino carinderias are operatedYet, I would want to get a taste of Seoul soon in Seoul. For the case of the Philippines, I often end up dining in Filipino restaurants serving Visayan food (i.e. Diwal, Chicken Inasal, Lechon Cebu) which make me want to visit the rest of the Visayan area soon (i.e. Bacolod, Iloilo, Cebu).

Restaurant-related apps give me that feeling of curiosity. 4.5 out of 5, 5 out of 5, 3 out of 5. Why such ratings? Service? Taste? Must eat in that resto next time. It often reaches the point that I search for the best restaurants outside Metro Manila and even outside Luzon.


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