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I Eat to Live, I Live to Eat

I have been living a life full of food for several reasons: travels, school, work and other reasons. It even reached the point that I got to secure a Looloo (a nationwide restaurant database created in the Philippines) account and make reviews on the restaurants I have been to. Several restaurants made my cut. However, I have a handful of food preferences, the most loved ones and the not-so-loved ones.

“Ang estudyanteng nagigipit, sa siomai rice kumakapit.” I came across this statement when I read about the favorite food spots of UST students. This applied to me, even if I am a UP student (who usually reached for Lucky Me Pancit Canton when finances are quite low). Sometimes, I reach for siomai when I do not feel like spending too much on lunch. Some of my favorite siomai spots are Hen Lin (since I was a kid), Siomai House and Luk Yuen (a bit more expensive but more fulfilling).

Chicken Inasal is likewise my comfort food. I would always crave for this, especially when the chicken is authentically prepared. During my early teens, my mom introduced me to Ilonggo cuisine, via Marina, a restaurant that used to have a branch near the CCP Complex. Since then, I loved the ginger-y flavor of the chicken which reduced the fishy tone of the chicken. During a choral tour in Bacolod, I became more ecstatic when our hosts brought us to Bacolod Chicken House where I tasted the authentic Chicken Inasal. I am now looking forward to try Chicken Deli, another inasal joint from Bacolod (endorsed by Ilonggo comedian Allan K) that recently opened a branch in Landmark Makati. Speaking of Ilonggo food, I also loved the authentic Kadios, Baboy, Langka (an Ilonggo soup dish that used kadios beans as souring ingredient) from Bascon Cafe. Wish I could go back to Bacolod soon to try their other delectable dishes, as well as Calea’s famous cakes. I might try to tour around Iloilo next time, when finances and schedule allow me to do so.

When it comes to vegetables, I would always ask my mom, a pure Ilocana (from Cagayan Valley but my late maternal grandfather hailed from Ilocos Sur), to cook Braised Saluyot with Bamboo Shoots for me. I liked how the sweetness of the bamboo shoots blend with the slight bitterness of saluyot and the saltiness of fish bagoong.

I also love seafood pasta (preferably without the cream; The best one I have tasted so far was in Roxas City, during a wedding reception performance.), Sans Rival cake and Adobo. I initially hated the Sans Rival cake since I found it too sweet. I only got to appreciate it when our host in Dumaguete served us Sans Rival cake from Sans Rival, the cake shop in Dumaguete that popularized the dish. I eventually yearned for that cake every time a cake is offered in a particular restaurant/cake shop. Aside from Sans Rival cake shop, my other favorites are served in The Chocolate Kiss Cafe and Conti’s. Since I was a kid, I liked my parents’ garlicky adobo, just enough balance of Coconut Brand Soy Sauce’s saltiness, Apple Cider Vinegar’s (or could be Sukang Tuba’s) sourness and garlic flavor.


Sans Rival Dumaguete’s Silvanas in Chocolate and Original flavors.

Going to my not-so-loved dishes, not that much since I am not that picky with food. However, I don’t like to eat pork liver because of its taste and texture. I am likewise not a fan of fast food style burger because they use extenders in their beef patties. I prefer food which are either cooked at home or prepared in specialty restaurants.

Aside from wanting to go back to Bacolod soon, I would want to visit Cebu soon and try their delectable dishes. I guess I have this hidden Anthony Bourdain in me since I do not just eat to sustain myself, but also to go places. 🙂


*- This essay was slightly edited from the original work I submitted for my Anthro 1 class in UP Diliman.


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